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At Grosman, Grosman & Gale, we value close relationships with Canadian employers and employees. We strive to develop relationships with our clients because we know that by working together in a trusting, open and respectful way, we can produce extraordinary results.

Our employment lawyers are specialists who emphasize teamwork, openness and discretion. Whatever your workplace situation or problem, we help you resolve issues when it’s in your best interest to do so. But if the going gets tough, we won’t shy away from difficult negotiations… or a courtroom.

Above all, we produce results that are fair and find innovative solutions that clients depend on.

Contact a GG&G employment lawyer for advice concerning:

•  workplace or employment mitigation
•  labour law
•  employment standards
•  wrongful dismissal
•  termination without cause
•  termination with cause
•  severance packages - development or review
•  employment agreements or contracts
•  constructive dismissal
•  workplace discrimination and human rights issues
•  injunctions against departing employees
•  workplace conflict
•  harassment, bullying, violence or sexual harassment


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