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your obligations

In the current business paradigm, knowledge and information have great value, so it pays to look before you leap.

Many employers today place a high premium on confidential or proprietary information. They will not hesitate to take action against a departing employee if they suspect their resources have been compromised. 

In these cases, the obligations that should be considered and reviewed are not only written ones, such as non-competition or non-solicitation covenants, but also common-law obligations associated with departing employees. GG&G has experience in dealing with all kinds of situations involving employees leaving companies. This positions us well to advise you in advance, so that you can limit your exposure to a former employer in a cost-efficient and humane manner.

If your obligations or restrictions are in writing, such as a non-competition or non-solicitation covenant, we can review the content and advise you about the enforceability of the restrictions. Quite often, obligations of this nature have limited enforceability. Sometimes, employers attempt to introduce these post-employment restrictions only in the termination package itself, which requires careful analysis and consideration.

In this context, an ounce of prevention has clearly proven to be worth a pound of cure. Early and experienced advice can save significant time, aggravation and money.

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