Toronto Employment Lawyers Advising on Discrimination and Other Human Rights Issues

Discrimination allegations and other human rights claims have a large emotional component. They involve serious claims which can result in serious implications, including significant damages awards.

Whether such allegations are being asserted or defended in the context of a complaint to a human rights tribunal or in a civil action, the highly-experienced employment lawyers at Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP have the relevant experience to help you. We have asserted and defended numerous cases involving such allegations before provincial and federal tribunals, as well as the courts up to and including the Federal Court of Appeal.

Human Rights Claims

The uninformed and unrepresented often assert human rights violations which have no merit. Before either making a claim or defending against a claim, it is critical that you or your organization obtain advice from employment lawyers who have ample experience doing both, and who can provide a balanced, objective and strategic assessment of the best and most efficient way to defend your rights as an individual, or your company’s legal position.

Every provincial jurisdiction, as well as the federal employment jurisdiction, has legislation which prohibits differential treatment or termination on a prohibited ground. Typical prohibited grounds include:

  • race
  • ancestry
  • place of origin
  • colour
  • ethnic origin
  • citizenship
  • creed
  • sex
  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • record of offences
  • marital status
  • family status
  • disability

Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP: Advising Employers and Employees on Human Rights Matters in the Workplace

If you believe your human rights have been violated at work, or if you have had a human rights claim filed against you, you should contact a knowledgeable employment lawyer as soon as possible. At Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP we have been helping employers and employees with their most challenging workplace matters for more than three decades. Contact us online or at 416.364.9599.