Toronto Employment Lawyers for Workplace Conflict, Violence, and Harassment Issues

Workplace harassment, bullying, violence or sexual harassment are unfortunately common occurrences in today’s business environment. However, each of these behaviours is against the law.

If you are an employee who has been impacted by these insidious forms of workplace misconduct, there are solutions available. If you are an employer against whom an allegation has been made, you must respond right away. In each instance, it is essential that you address the problem at the earliest opportunity to protect your rights and prevent further misconduct. A lawyer who specializes in employment and labour law is well-positioned to help you identify the key issues and the best path available to solving the problem.

At Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP, our highly-experienced lawyers have three decades of experience with these issues, acting on behalf of both employers and employees. We can guide you towards a safe and expedient solution to your workplace challenge.

Workplace Violence and Harassment

In June 2010, the Ontario legislature passed Bill 168, amending the Occupational Health and Safety Act to specifically address and penalize harassment and violence in the workplace. In addition, human rights legislation, including the Human Rights Act addresses sexual harassment in the workplace. Together these statutes are intended to protect employees and make workplaces safer.

In order to remain legally compliant, employers have a positive responsibility to prevent such violence and harassment in their workplace, and to immediately investigate and address these issues when they arise. In addition, workplaces must have written policies in place dealing with each of these issues and outlining a complaint process.

Navigating your obligations as an employer and ensuring those obligations are met can be challenging. Similarly, being the target of misconduct at work can be daunting and very stressful for employees. At Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP, we are here to help. We are well-respected amongst judges, arbitrators, and our peers and are among the most sought-after employment lawyers in Canada.

Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP: Assisting Clients with Workplace Violence and Harassment Claims

If you believe your rights and safety at work are being violated, or if you are an employer faced with a complaint about workplace misconduct, you should contact a knowledgeable employment lawyer as soon as possible. At Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP we have helped thousands of employers and employees ensure that their workplaces are safe, that misconduct is properly handled, and that their rights are protected. Contact us online or at 416.364.9599.