Toronto Employment Lawyers Advising and Representing Employees

At Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP employment and labour law is all we do.

We help clients who are facing or dealing with discrimination, workplace harassment, constructive dismissal, or wrongful dismissals.

Involving us early in your workplace issue will allow us to work collaboratively with you, to shape and explore the options and outcomes that are best for you.

One of our experienced lawyers will be pleased to schedule a private, confidential consultation with you. Your situation will be quickly assessed, and solutions or steps will be developed that can help eliminate or minimize the impact of events upon you and your employment.

If You Are Being Hired

If you are considering a new job, a Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP lawyer has the experience to advise you. For over 40 years, our team has been helping people just like you manage job offers, negotiate employment contracts, and evaluate confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

With our guidance, you will have the confidence that comes from really understanding expectations – yours and theirs – and be able to start that new job knowing that your choice was a good one.

If You Are Experiencing Workplace Turmoil

If you think you are working in a poisoned work environment, or feel bullied, harassed, or have been subject to workplace violence, consult a Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP lawyer. We will take the time to really listen, help you understand your options and work with you to reach a resolution.

If You Have Been Fired

An involuntary termination is never easy. But in today’s employment market, much of the stigma about “being let go” just doesn’t exist anymore

If you are dismissed, we will review any offers, settlements or agreements with what’s-best-for-you in mind. We will make sure that whatever is negotiated is fair, serves your interests and allows you to leave on the best possible terms.

Contact Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP If You Have Questions about Workplace Matters

If you need advice from an employment lawyer, contact Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP in Toronto. We are one of the most recommended labour and employment law firms in Canada, and we can offer advice and guidance on almost any workplace issue or dispute. Contact us online or at 416.364.9599.