Toronto Employment Lawyers Representing Employees in Court

At Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP we have represented both employees and employers, and have sat on both sides of the table. We use this experience when representing employees to predict what employers may be thinking and to achieve a satisfactory settlement for our clients. In every dispute that we advise clients on, our goal is to seek amicable solutions with a minimal amount of fighting.

We also understand that some workplace disputes cannot be resolved through discussion, and litigation must be resorted to. While we believe strongly in using dialogue, negotiation and mediation as often as we can, we know that going to court is sometimes necessary.

Effective, Strategic Litigators and Trial Lawyers

The lawyers at Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP take a “tough-but-fair” approach to litigation. We are comfortable in the courtroom and have successfully represented hundreds of employees at every level of court and tribunal.

Taking a case to court is never our preferred option and is rarely our first choice. But, where needed, we will not back away from effectively representing our clients and advocating for their rights before an adjudicator or judge.

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If you are an employee and mediation and discussion with your employer has not worked to resolve your dispute, or if your workplace dispute is serious enough that litigation is required, contact the highly experienced employment lawyers at Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP for help. Call us at 416.364.9599 or contact us online.