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In a unionized workplace, disputes that arise between the parties are generally resolved through the grievance process. Every collective agreement contains a grievance and arbitration procedure which is intended to allow for a thorough and timely investigation of any disputes arising from the interpretation or alleged violation of the collective agreement.

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Just Cause for Discipline or Termination

When faced with a grievance relating to discipline or termination, an employer must demonstrate (i.e. has the “onus” of demonstrating) that just cause existed for that discipline.

To make a final decision on discipline or termination, the arbitrator or arbitration board will consider several factors including the specific factual circumstances, as well as any aggravating or mitigating factors. An aggravating factor is anything that may lead to a harsher or more substantial penalty and can include dishonesty during the investigation process, failure to express remorse, or repeated misconduct taking place over a long period of time. A mitigating factor is anything that may lead to a lesser or more lenient penalty and can include a lack of previous discipline, provocation that led to the misconduct, or remorse following the misconduct.

Arbitrators will also consider whether the discipline was an appropriate response to the misconduct in question. Fundamentally, discipline is not intended to be punitive. Rather, the employer`s end goal should be deterrence as well as motivating employees to adhere to the standards of the workplace in question.

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