Toronto Employment Lawyers Assisting with Injunctions

Knowledge is power. In our increasingly competitive times, having key employees leave one employer and join a competitor, or use information that they obtained through a previous employer often requires swift and immediate intervention through injunctions to protect the confidential information and client contacts.

The highly-experienced employment lawyers at Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP have effectively argued on both sides of these complex and critical applications, advising both employers wishing to file an injunction and employees against whom injunctions have been filed. We know what to do and how to help.


Injunctions are court orders which prevent an individual or organization from doing a specific thing. In a workplace context, injunctions are often used by employers to stop employees who have left their workplace from engaging in specific conduct such as:

  • joining a competitor;
  • contacting the employer’s clients or customers;
  • using the employer’s confidential or proprietary information;
  • making defamatory or untrue comments about the employer.

Injunctions have serious legal consequences and can be difficult to obtain. They require assistance from lawyers with significant experience in this area and who can act quickly and effectively. At Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP we combine our many years of litigation experience with our deep knowledge of labour and employment to provide skilled representation for clients who are seeking to file an injunction or defend against one.

Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP: Providing Guidance on Injunctions

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