Hani is an experienced employment lawyer with Grosman Gale Fletcher Hopkins LLP, representing both employers and employees in all aspects of employment law. Her inquisitive, balanced and practical approach allows Hani to achieve favourable solutions for her clients. Hani’s practice includes wrongful dismissal litigation, constructive dismissal, sexual harassment, workplace safety, human rights, and drafting and updating employment contracts inclusive of enhanced employee incentives, such as restricted stock options and enhanced health benefits.

Before joining the firm,Hani gained extensive litigation experience working at a prominent boutique labour and employment firm in Toronto. She represented businesses and employees in various sectors, including health care, technology and innovation, pharmaceuticals, indigenous law, banking and finance, and education.

On the employer side, Hani enjoys working closely with businesses to manage liabilities under Ontario’s labour legislations, and frequently advises businesses on employer liability, fiduciary duty, and following workplace laws as they evolve. She often prevents employment issues from escalating and finds effective solutions for businesses to limit such issues.

On the employee side, Hani works closely with employees from the inception of conflicts, to representing employee interests via litigation when necessary. She ensures that employees are empowered to make meaningful decisions when conflicts arise in their workplace.

Hani is also an avid writer and has authored articles about current employment issues in the National Post. She enjoys discussing employment law at speaking engagements.

Aside from work, Hani enjoys an active lifestyle that includes traveling, exploring the outdoors and baking for her friends and family.